Giving in to pleasure

Tay , Manuela
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Nov 28, 2020


Manuela will be able to fulfill all her wishes today, as Tay is under her control. Bound and gagged, she cannot escape, so Manuela begins to caress and smell her deeply. Tay is startled, but soon lets herself be carried away by Manuela's pleasures by sucking on her nipples. The redhead goes down her legs and starts sucking her pussy, making Tay delirious, and soon the two of them are naked on the couch, rubbing themselves. It has a lot of asslicking and pussylicking, the girls fall apart with pleasure and Manuela still makes Tay suck on the strapon she is wearing. Impossible to resist seeing Manuela's tongue entering Tay's ass, filling everything with saliva. Hmmm!

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