Asslicker Slave

Tay , Isabel
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Dec 15, 2018


Tay comes back and she now wants Isabel to be her new slave. As a good tamer, Tay doesn’t care if her slave feels disgusted about that, she just wants her desires to be fulfilled. This tamer’s today’s wish is to be asslicked all over. Tay makes Isabel kiss, lick and suck her amazing ass and her beautiful pussy, while she enjoys every second of the delirious job of her slave. Come to watch and discover if the slave satisfied her tamer’s desires!

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Dec 22, 2018

The HD stream of this film has technical issues. It plays for a while and then freezes and the scrubbing stops working. Could be my platform but content provider should check into this.


Dec 11, 2018

Looks like a great movie. Can't wait for it to be released.

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