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Not wasting time

Full movie length: 29 minutes Production date: Mar 2, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 11.99 Virginia | Natalia Pack with: 1 clips
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Here’s one more video with these two beautiful ladies doing another asslicking, just for you. Virginia and Natalia get home too horny, tired of waiting to have their time together. The blondie throws the brunette on the bed right when they cross the door, desiring her body too much. They start just with kissing, but their hands travel all over their bodies and it doesn’t take too long until they’re naked, licking pussies and sucking nipples. You can notice that they both have really great asses, so there’s no way they wouldn’t give some attention to it. You can see they slipping their tongues on each other’s ass, making it all wet while there’s a lot of pleasure moans. They won’t be wasting any more time!

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