Playing with desires

Monaliza , Tassia
Duration 32 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Lesbian
Date Oct 10, 2015


Monaliza decided to do something different for today, She wanna know what really can turn on Tassia and for that, She will dominates tassia and play with some fetishes. Monaliza starts with kisses and deep hands, she saw that Tassia is very excited but the game is just starting. The hot latina puts Tassia on the bed and starts to punch her white belly, Tassia is loving to be dominated and can't hide the pleasure, the punches are like a little orgasm to Tassia. Now Monaliza pay attention to the big butt, she starts to spank Tassia's butt, with soft slaps, making the butt hot and red. The gir did some facesitting fucking face, where Tassia did some oral sex to Monaliza, to the end Monaliza MADE Tassia to masturbate herself, but hold the orgasm, she keep rubbing her pussy but she will cum just when Monaliza ordered.

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