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You're my favorite food!

Full movie length: 32 minutes Production date: Feb 22, 2020 Full movie price: US$ 11.99 Hannah | Leticia Miller Pack with: 1 clips
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Leticia wakes up Hannah in a special way: she brings her beloved a breakfast in bed! The brunette gets very happy, but instead of simply eating everything, she decides to taste everything on Leticia's body! These two, naked, start to make out hard, while they eat, and the food rolls down their bodies, including a lot of yogurt! Their vaginas face each other in a tribadism full of pleasure, and of course they lick each other's body parts, making sure to combine the taste of the food with the taste of the body of their partner. It has a lot of pussy sucking, and these two moaning in unison with all the dirt and pleasure they make together. Delicious!

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