Can I test your slave ?

Alessandra Marques , Carol Castro , Melissa Ramos
Duration 34 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Asslicking
Date Apr 13, 2014


Alessandra Marques goes to her friend's house... she listened that Carol has the best ass licker from Brazil. " Yes, I has the best ass licker" said Carol and show for Alessandra her slave Melissa, she is a pretty skinny girl, is obedient and loves to her queen!!! Alessandra is very curious and decides to ask from Carol for a "test drive"... Carol shows to be selfish, she can't share her slave but she'll let Alessandra watch. Carol gave the order and Melissa starts her job, first sucking the Carol's delicious breastes. Alessandra saw that Melissa has a perfect suck, great moviments of tongue, Alessandra needs to test... after some minutes, Carol decides to share Melissa with Alessandra but she did not think about that Melissa would do a perfect job in Alessandra's ass, with much enthusiasm, of course Alessandra is a new meat... Carol is furious and takes back her slave, Carol start to give slaps on Melissa's face but Alessandra defends the poor slave. "Keep calm, relax" said Alessandra for Carol and start to kiss Carol that is being excited, now the two will have pleasure moments between they and Melissa. Melissa is the best lucky slave, now she has two goddess to suck the ass! this is all the she wants.

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