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Exchanged roles

Alessia , Bia Mello
Duration 38 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Sep 12, 2020


Alessia arrives by surprise with an absurd idea: today she wants to dominate Bia. The blonde laughs and doesn't believe what Alessia says, but little by little she gets carried away by the brunette's movements. Alessia tries to kiss, grab and starts to caress her body, and no matter how much Bia tries to deny herself, she can't resist the brunette's kisses and sucks and gives herself completely. Alessia sucks Bia's pussy and ass very willingly, exploring the holes with her tongue and driving her crazy, with great pleasure. Bia even forgets that she is in Alessia's hands and lets her do what she wants with her body, and of course the brunette takes the opportunity to feel the taste and texture of the most intimate parts of her domme's body up close. It seems that Bia liked to make the wishes of Alessia come true, huh?

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Sep 08, 2020

This should be in the asslicking section.

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