Moans of desire

Monica , Shayra
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date Nov 09, 2019


Monica is watching a porn movie, and can’t contain the horny. She counts the seconds for her girlfriend Shayra to arrive, and as soon as the brunette enters the bedroom, Monica seduces her and takes her to bed. To satisfy her desire, she starts stroking and sucking on Shayra's nipples, making them hard. She goes down a little further and finds her girlfriend's pink pussy, which she sucks and masturbates with desire. Of course she also doesn't miss the chance to stick her tongue in Shayra's ass, and gets a delicious suck in her pussy, coming from her hot girlfriend. They both moan throughout the movie, as it is impossible to contain the satisfaction and pleasure they feel in each cumshot!

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