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Pantyhose seller

Barbara Cristina , Dayana
Duration 57 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date May 05, 2020


Dayana knocks on the door of this beautiful brunette and tries to sell her pantyhoses. The brunette gets irritated by the saleswoman's insistence and decides to teach her a lesson. Wearing her pantyhoses, she ties the blonde's arms and legs, and imposes her to lick her ass as deeply as possible! Dayana suffers and stretches her tongue to lick the brunette's hole, while she sits on her face and delights in the moment. After a few moments, the brunette also imposes Dayana to lick and suck her feet, toe by toe, every corner, so she feels her feet relaxing and teaches a lesson to the girl at the same time. The saleswoman left the loss and even served as a slave. Wow!

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Jan 20, 2021

Very very hot ! Loved it ! Please more videos with white slavegirls licking black and ebony goddesses assholes, as it is so natural for submissive white girls !


Dec 06, 2018

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