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Pleasable tongue

Bibi , Aliça Roche
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date May 04, 2019


Aliça is relaxing and reading her magazine, when Bibi goes downstairs and comes to meet her girlfriend. They begin to chat for a moment, but soon Bibi invests kisses in Aliça’s body and things begin to heat up. The brunette has a huge ass and the redhead really wants to stick her tongue on it, so that's what these two hotties will do. Aliça doesn’t resist and soon takes her bottom clothes, letting Bibi kiss and lick her ass as much as she wants. These two enter in a constant pleasure, one for being sucked and the other for being sucking that huge ass. Of course Bibi also slips her tongue through her girlfriend's pussy, making this movie an incredible mix of Lesbian and Asslicking!

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