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The console of a friend

Leticia Miller , Iohana Alvez
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date Feb 15, 2020


Leticia was rejected by her girlfriend again, and decides to call Iohana. For her surprise, the girl appears at her door at the same time! Leticia tells her about her love life and admits being needy, and of course that Iohana is ready to solve this problem. Gradually, they kiss, letting their hands travel over their bodies and undressing, in intense sexual contact. They fit perfectly and no part of their bodies is left without attention: breasts are squeezed and nipples sucked until they are hard, their pussies are licked and masturbated getting very wet and even cumming, and of course the moans are impossible to contain. They lick each other's asses and do incredible tribadism too, all for extreme pleasure!

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Oct 17, 2021


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