Open ass for you

Raquel , Julia
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date Feb 29, 2020


Raquel is looking forward to Julia's arrival, and the girl appears stunning, wearing a red lingerie. It will be a romantic and full night of what they like most: asslicking! These two begin with intense and passionate kisses, touching their bodies, but they soon surrender to the desire to open their asses for each other and receive tongues. Without panties, one places the face directly on the other's ass, separates the buttocks and leaves the hole exposed, sticking the tongue as deep as they can. Putting it in and taking it off, filling the hole with saliva and still giving light hickeys, these two moan without stopping, because the anal pleasure is enormous. And to add, they still masturbate their pussies while having their asses wet by their partner's tongue. Delicious!

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Jan 12, 2021

Video doesn't play.

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