Alana's delicious ass

Alana , Sabrina Green
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Oct 10, 2020


The irresistible Alana begins to show her body, little by little, provoking her slave. Sabrina really wants to suck Alana, and when the domme allows her to touch her, the slave wastes no time. Sabrina starts smelling Alana's ass and pussy, but moments later, she already sticks her tongue in the domme's anal hole. Opening her buttocks to lick as much as she can, Sabrina stretches out her tongue and neatly moves in and out, in addition to giving tasty sucks on Alana's pussy too. Sabrina gives the domme so much anal pleasure that she ends up cumming, while the slave fills her asshole with saliva. Alana really has a delicious hole!

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