Asslicking cheat

Adrielly Fernandes , Ju
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Apr 04, 2020


Adrielly put a camera on to cheat with Ju and make the girl do whatever she wants. The white girl pretends to be resting and Ju can't resist, starting to kiss her ass. Adrielly reveals the scam and says that if Ju doesn't obey her, she'll put the video on the internet! Thus, the brunette is imposed to suck Adrielly's ass, with the hole wide open, sticking her tongue as deep as she can to give all the lust that the white girl expects. Of course, Adrielly's pussy is also sucked and the white girl sits on Ju's face so that her tongue gets further into her ass, and only allows Ju to stop after she cums. Wow!

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