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Give me your wet tongue

Bruna Silva , Janaina Slave
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date May 06, 2023


Janaina decided to ask to Bruna why she is sad, Bruna can not find her skirt, she was looking for it and trying to find by hours but not successed. Janaina knows where is it and returns with the skirt on her hand. Bruna is so happy, she asked to Janaina if could help her to dress, Janaina of course will do it. When the girl goes closer to Bruna's ass, she was really attracted by her butt smell and start to smelling her butt. Bruna loves it and let Janaina to take deep breaths between her buttocks, she removes the underware and Janaina now is smelling direclty the ass, with the nose touching the asshole. Bruna is excited and say to Janaina lick it. The girl just start working on Bruna's ass, letting Bruna really wet and excited.

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