New pleasant task

Mel , Lilith
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Jun 13, 2020


Lilith has recently changed her slave and decides to call Mel to teach her a new task. This domme well remembers that her last slave licked her ass with great will and pleasure. When she suggests this to Mel, the new slave gets very disgusted, but soon gives in to her owner's will and stretches her tongue to stick it in the domme’s ass. Lilith guides Mel in the first steps, but soon the girl gets the hang of it and begins to cause a lot of pleasure to the blonde. With a very hard grel, Lilith ends up asking Mel to suck and lick her pussy with that delicious tongue too, which makes the asslicking session even more pleasurable. I think this slave learned right, huh?

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