Pay attention to me

Nicole Hilton , Mel
Duration 32 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Asslicking
Date May 02, 2020


Mel is trying to fix the broken watch, when the domme tells her to stop and pay attention only to her! Mel has the chance to admire that perfect body and see up close the tattoo that Nicole just got on her pussy. Gradually the domme starts undressing and allows Mel to smell and stick her face in her private parts, and asks the slave to stick her tongue in her holes. Mel sucks Nicole's ass and pussy incessantly, delighting in the taste of the domme and giving all the pleasure she can with her tongue skills. Some nipple sucking to excite Nicole is also valid, but the best parts are those of the slave filling the domme's asshole with saliva. Yum!

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May 01, 2020

where is the assholw? another goodlooking girl wasted by NEWmfx, we missed old mfx where we could see the asshole covering all the screen...

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