Pleasant blackmail

Adrielly Fernandes , Tay
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Jun 20, 2020


Adrielly found Tay's cell phone lying on the couch, and stole spicy photos she found on her cell phone! When Tay tries to get her phone back, Adrielly reveals that she has the photos and she does an incredible blackmail: she will only delete the images if Tay does exactly the same as in the sneaky pictures. That's where all the action begins: Tay is imposed to suck Adrielly's nipples, suck her pussy and lick her asshole, opening it and sticking her tongue in the hole, giving her friend pleasure and causing moans. Tay ends up liking the blackmail, because she also has her erogenous zones pleased by Adrielly, who returns the pleasure, and does the best job possible by licking Tay's ass and filling it with saliva. Delicious!

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