The big plan

Adriana Fuller , Tay , Manuela
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Jun 19, 2021


Manuela has a dream, she would like to worship her mistress' body, licking her pussy, asshole, feet, everything just to give pleasure to her mistress Adriana, but she is a voyuer, she likes to only watch and when things are going hotter, Adriana stops. Manuela has a plan, she has a best friend Tay and together they will try to seduce Adriana and finally Manuela can realize her dream of serve Adriana for complete. Manuels introduces her friend Tay to be a new slave of Adriana that accepts, why not a new slave? the days are passing and both are trying to seduce Adriana, everytime Adriana asks to stop, but the friends knows that Adriana is about to surrender... and the day finally comes. Today, both girls Manuela and Tay decided to go to Adriana, that is really busy on the phone, the queen said that have no time to play with the slaves, but they dont care and start kissing each other, remove the clothes and start to kiss and lick Adriana's body, the accepts to remove the clothes and let the girls to give her some pleasure sucking her pussy, asshole and feet.

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Jun 10, 2021

the camera angles suck. Its like watching a soccer match in space

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