Do you lick good ass? You’re hired!

Alana , Isabel , Saori Kido
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Sep 29, 2018


Saori is very happy about that job interview, she really wants to work in that company and she will do anything to get the job! Alana is interviewing Saori and tells her that the only qualification that she needs is to lick her ass! Saori agrees at the same time and starts to give a lot of attention to that amazing asshole, rubbing her tongue on the edge then sticking it deep inside while she caresses Alana’s pussy. The dominant girl is moaning with pleasure!!! But that was just the phase one of the interviews. The second part is all about teamwork. Alana calls Isabel to help Saori to continues that “project”. Both show some true talent on licking that tasty ass and they definitely succeeded on that trial!

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Dec 06, 2018


Dec 02, 2018

So you have Saori and Isabel licking Alana's twat and asshole for over 30 minutes, yet not a single second of kissing between them (Saori and Isabel) while they're down on Alana's box, with their faces right next to each other?? Inexcusable. Part of teamwork should be occasionally sharing the flavor of the girl you're feasting on. I want to see them celebrating - together -the funky flavor of the pussy and butt - straight from each other's mouths! As it is, it's almost as if one girl doesn't even care that the other one is there, a centimeter away. Anyway, thanks for reading.


Sep 27, 2018

Awesome but more slaves please :p

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