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Family intimacy - Ass licking between Niece and Aunt

Rafa Santos , Rebecca Santos
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Mar 17, 2018


After a sun bath, Rebecca went to the shower but she forgot the door unlocked. Her niece Rafa Santos got into the bathroom and saw her aunt in a delicous bath, Rebecca invited Rafa to join her. The two start kissing intensely under the shower, than they go to the badroom for an intense love with much ass licking and pussy worshipping.

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Irma Grese

Jan 31, 2021

Don't listen to "180". For me Mellissa, Mel and Bruna were not my favorites. We agree on one thing, I also love the mistess and slave storyline. A bit of bondage would'nt harm also. This is an adorable update. I also loved that bit of spanking.


Dec 06, 2018


Mar 22, 2018

Man I miss the old slaves like Melissa, Mel, Bruna, Miuk, Naila, Juliana. These new scenes just don't have the theme of the passionate slaves like the old girls. Why Melissa (my favorite) left years ago I don't know why but she's definitely missed here and with the other slaves not even making movies anymore I haven't joined in many months and this was my favorite lesbian site out there. I don't mind new girls but the way the movies have been made recently compare to the 5000-6800 titles just doesn't do it for me.

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