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Don't look, lick!

Full movie length: 31 minutes Production date: Oct 12, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 Manuela | Ariella Pack with: 1 clips
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Ariella casts several sensual glances at her domme as she clears the living room floor, and Manuela notices this, getting slightly aroused. She starts caressing her pussy and draws Ariella close, asking her to lightly lick and suck on her genital. Satisfied with the slave's tongue job, Manuela gets wetter with each lick, and opens her ass so Ariella does a nice asslicking job too. Sticking her tongue as far as she can and giving incredible thrusts and sucks, Ariella satisfies the domme, who moans incessantly and enjoys the movements of the slave. Who could have imagined that Ariella would perform so well? This asslicking is hot!

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