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Special licking treatment

Full movie length: 30 minutes Production date: Jul 6, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 11.99 Outro Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

This interracial couple gets home after a party, but the white girl isn’t feeling well. The brunette then decides to take care of her lover, giving her a special treatment that for sure will help her feel better: a licking treatment. Without wasting any time, the brunette helps the white girl take off her clothes and gets naked too, already working to make her girlfriend start feeling horny. They kiss, rub naked bodies, caress and begin to suck each other nipples, but the best parts are, for sure, when they suck each other’s pussies with much will and when they play with black&white dildos, having pleasure with interracial sex toys too. I’m sure this licking and sucking treatment made her feel better… What a delicious lesbian sex!

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Older sister Bia | Grazy Oct 29, 2014
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